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  Thorpe-le-Soken Surgery

High Street
CO16 0EA
Branch surgery at Kirby Cross             
Tel: 01255 861850       Email: thorpelesoken.surgery@nhs.net



Dr Carla Mahmoud  


Dr Mathew Kattukaran  

COVID-19 update - To protect patients and staff all non-urgent appointments are being cancelled, a clinician will ring you as close to your booked appointment as possible

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Surgery Newsletter August 2017


News hot of the press this week is that the minor injury units at Clacton and Harwich will remain open but that patients will be diverted from A&E and the Walk in Centre at Colchester back to surgeries and pharmacies for minor ailments that could and should have been treated at home.  This will affect those patients that attend the walk in centre and A&E for their own convenience rather than self-treat or wait for an appropriate surgery appointment.  Of course appointment demand is always going to out-strip supply and this will be where our 150 wasted surgery appointments plays a big part.


The reality is that there are not enough resources to meet patient demand  and so patients not turning up for booked appointments has a huge effect, not only that but patients really need to consider if they need an appointment in the first place.  The North East Clinical Commissioning group (CCG) has plans in place to try to manage patient demand; this will mean surgeries linking up (federating) to reduce the cost and spread the load of caring for patients. 


There are a regular PPG Forum meetings organised by the CCG held locally where these matters are brought to the attention of patients and opinions sought on how to deliver care closer to home.  The CCG favour a ‘hub and spoke model’.  This is where a central hub will handle calls from patients and direct them to various surgeries (spokes) for their appointments, the minimum suggested patient list size for this kind of operation is 55,000-100,000 and the surgeries can be quite widespread where the appointments may be offered.  The partners at Thorpe-le-Soken surgery have opted not to become either a hub or spoke and to continue to provide the best care we can for our own patients within the two sites that we already have.  We don’t envisage any change for our 7000 patients and having spoken to our PPG about the local plans they are quite clear that they want to keep their care within their own surgery where they live.


More than ever it is important to use the services wisely in order to protect our NHS.  As you may already know there is a national shortage of doctors and nurses so creative ways need to be found to manage the need for services, until there is massive investment in the service there will always be demoralised staff leaving due to pressure from patients and directives from government.  If you would like to know more about meetings locally contact ppg.thorpesurgery@nhs.net



Karen Austen

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