Nose bleeds can be alarming but are usually controlled by simple treatment.

Sit forward and breathe through the mouth.  Pinch the soft part of the nose firmly below the bone.  Spit out any blood which runs down the throat – do not swallow it.

Within 30 minutes the bleeding should have stopped.

When the bleeding has stopped try to avoid disturbing the clot which has formed.  Blowing the nose, sniffing or trying to clear the nose over the next few days may all start it bleeding again, as may hot drinks or alcohol.  If so, repeat the above procedure again.

Contact the doctor when the surgery is open if:

  • you have frequent nose bleeds.  These may require a referral to the hospital

Attend the Accident & Emergency Department if:

  • the nose bleed doesn’t stop with the above procedure.  Packing may be required which can be done in the A&E Department.