The morning after pill is a means of minimising the risk of unwanted pregnancy after an episode of unprotected sexual intercourse.  This may be when no contraceptive precautions have been used or when an ‘accident’ occurred.  Mid-cycle (half way between periods when ovulation takes place) is the most likely time for risk of pregnancy to occur.

Treatment may be started up to 72 hours after the episode of unprotected intercourse so it is not necessary to telephone straight away.  If more than 3 days, but less than 5 days have elapsed, an IUD (coil) can be inserted and still minimise conception.

Contact the doctor when the surgery is open if:

  • this is within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.  Make sure you let the receptionist know that you need the morning after pill and ensure that the appointment you are given falls within the 72 hours. 

Contact the doctor out of hours if:

  • the surgery will not be open again within the 72 hours (eg Christmas and Easter holidays)