Head lice are unfortunately very common – most school children will have them at some time.  They have no preference for hair of any type or state of cleanliness.  They are spread by direct head to head contact – lice cannot jump, fly or swim.


Prevention and Detection of head lice is best carried out by combing wet hair on a regular basis using a special nit comb available from pharmacies.  Be sure to comb right from the roots of the hair to the end and check the comb after each pass.  Lice will be seen as small brown or grey objects.

Egg cases (nits) are found stuck to the base of the hairs and appear to move further along the hair as it grows out.


Treatment of head lice is by using special lotions available from pharmacies.  The recommended lotion is rotated every few years to prevent the lice from becoming used to the treatment.  The instructions on the bottle should be followed closely.  There is no need to treat members of the family unless they too have lice – the lotions will not prevent you from getting the lice.


Treatment for head lice can be bought over the counter from pharmacies.  If you want a prescription for the lotion, you should make an appointment with one of the nurses as we have to see the lice in order to issue the prescription.