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  Thorpe-le-Soken Surgery

High Street
CO16 0EA
Branch surgery at Kirby Cross             
Tel: 01255 861850       Email: thorpelesoken.surgery@nhs.net



Dr Carla Mahmoud  


Dr Mathew Kattukaran  

COVID-19 update - To protect patients and staff all non-urgent appointments are being cancelled, a clinician will ring you as close to your booked appointment as possible


Coughs are the body’s way of getting rid of excessive mucus or irritants either from within the body or from outside.

Worsening asthma may also present as a cough and asthmatics will know to check their peak flow readings more frequently and adjust their treatment accordingly.

Coughs may sometimes develop into a chest infection, especially in smokers or their children.

Contact the doctor when the surgery is open if:

  • you have been coughing up green or yellow sputum for more than a few days

  • your cough has lasted for more than two weeks

Contact the doctor immediately if:

  • you develop pain on breathing

  • you are seriously out of breath and having to put a lot of effort into breathing

  • you are pale or blue around the lips

  • a child is breathing fast or unable to swallow saliva

  • you bring up more than a teaspoonful of blood


Croup is a viral illness which causes characteristic barking cough in young children. It is typically worse at night and often improves the following day only to return for a second night.

Humidity may help the cough and may be provided by boiling a kettle with the lid off or a bath full of hot water. Great care should be taken to avoid scalding and the child should never be left alone whilst being ‘steamed’.

Contact the doctor when the surgery is open if:

  • you are unsure of the diagnosis or suspect it may be something else

Contact the doctor immediately if:

  • the child is distressed or having trouble breathing or swallowing

  • you are unsure of the diagnosis or are concerned it may be something else.

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